Mike Marko Publishes a Twitter for Business Guide

July 16, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced the publication of his new post, which contains a Twitter for business guide. He says that business owners who are looking to spur their company’s growth using their Twitter business page can benefit from this article. While Marko discusses some effective marketing strategies using Twitter in the article, he also provides the caveat that it can be easy to make errors in Twitter marketing.

“A lot of business owners have spent a lot of time and money on Twitter and are still not satisfied with the results,” Marko asserts. He says that he created this article on Twitter business strategy for the sake of business owners who are having trouble figuring out what their Twitter marketing lacks. He further urges them to read and find out how they can effectively use Twitter to increase profit for their businesses.

Marko starts by asserting that Twitter is one of the most effective social media platforms. It maintains more than 330 million users who want to stay updated on new brands and deals. Because of that, Twitter makes a powerful platform to reach customers. Marko claims that setting up a new Twitter business account can absolutely increase business profit as a result. He urges business owners to create a dedicated Twitter business account for their brands. Once done, they can follow Marko’s guidance in his article to generate income from every click their followers make.

The first tip that Marko offers his readers is about scheduling tweets. He advises business owners to publish tweets that encourage users to learn more about the business. In addition, Marko suggests sharing relevant photos and videos to present impressive content. Once the content is ready, tweets should be done prior to content release. Marko also advises sorting posts from most relevant to the least. He says that this kind of scheduling produces more positive engagement from followers. That is one of the advantages of Twitter for business.

He also advises business owners to build a fanbase. Marko claims that building a fanbase can support business growth. After creating a Twitter fanbase, the next thing for business owners to consider is to make a unique brand hashtag. This will give them an opportunity to be noticed by other people aside from their current circle. Whenever business owners create tweets using brand hashtags, it increases the chance for visitors to become customers. Marko encourages readers to use their hashtag as often as they can to reach more customers.

Aside from tweeting, Marko encourages website marketers to communicate with customers. Customers who are interested usually leave a comment or reply to tweets. It is important to respond to them, says Marko. Marko goes on to say that speaking directly with customers about related ideas will cause them to believe in the brand. Online presence will also give customers assurance that a business is genuine.

Marko also advises business owners to strive to get consumers’ attention on the platform. It can be done by asking companies with similar brands to retweet their posts. Another method is to tweet about the most interesting or gripping industry news. Marko states it’s important for business owners to ensure that their posts are easy to access and shareable. He says this is one of the vital steps in making businesses noticeable.

Marko’s advice in his article comes from his own experience marketing for clients on Twitter. Marko has extensive experience in social media marketing due to his company offering it as one of their services. He has also spent years marketing his own brand on social media networks.

Those who need to learn more about Twitter’s value for business can read Marko’s other posts on this topic and related topics on his official blog. For business owners who are seeking help with any type of digital marketing, Marko is also available for a consultation. Interested parties can get in touch with him through his website, email him, or call him directly through phone.

Mike Marko owns IM Consultant Services, a company that provides myriad marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company provides reputation management, website design, search engine optimization, and marketing for social media, among other services. All of those are intended to help business owners see growth in their companies. He and his team are always ready to help business owners identify why their marketing strategies are not working for them. He and his team are also experts at providing solutions for businesses struggling with online marketing.

Marko notes that his newest article is now posted and can be read on his official website. The post was written to impart knowledge to business owners and marketers on why they should use Twitter for their business marketing. Marko states that he regularly publishes new posts that provide this type of information to businesses and help them grow their revenue. He mentions that those who are interested can read more on his blog, or visit him and his team at IM Consultant Services online.


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