Rains, flash floods in Pakistan kill 13 people, damage homes

Mar 4, 2019

Pakistan says heavy rains, flash floods in southwestern province killed at least 13 over the weekend

Bad weather delays search for 2 climbers in Pakistan

Mar 3, 2019

A Pakistani mountaineering official says military helicopters could not drop off four Spanish rescuers to search for a missing pair of European climbers because of heavy snowing

UN says heavy rains, floods kill 20 in southern Afghanistan

Mar 3, 2019

UN: Heavy rains, flooding sweep away homes, leaving at least 20 dead in Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province

Pakistan to resume search for 2 European climbers on Sunday

Mar 2, 2019

A Pakistani mountaineering official says the country's military is expected to resume a search for a pair of climbers from Italy and Britain who went missing on a Himalayan peak amid bad weather

Helicopter crashes in Nepal, killing tourism chief, 6 others

Feb 27, 2019

A helicopter flying in bad weather has crashed in a mountainous region of Nepal, killing all seven people on board, including the country's tourism minister

Death toll from Pakistan flash floods, rains rises to 26

Feb 21, 2019

Torrential rains, flash floods in Pakistan leave at least 26 dead, many swept away by the waters or killed when roofs collapsed

Harrison Ford knocks Trump, others who 'denigrate science'

Feb 12, 2019

Harrison Ford pleads for protecting world oceans while calling out Trump, others who 'deny or denigrate science'

Avalanches, landslides kill 11 people in Himalayan Kashmir

Feb 8, 2019

Heavy snow has caused avalanches and landslides that killed 11 people and trapped a police officer in the Himalayan region of Kashmir

Heavy rain, flooding causes 12 deaths in Saudi Arabia

Jan 30, 2019

Saudi Arabia's Civil Defense say 12 people have died and more than 170 injured this week due to flooding from heavy rain in the northwestern region of the country

Weather front brings sandstorms, hail, rain to Middle East

Jan 16, 2019

A harsh weather front brought sandstorms, hail and rain to parts of the Middle East, with visibility down in the Egyptian capital as an orange cloud of dust blocked out the sky and pedestrians covered their faces from the wind gusts

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