Pakistani official: Powerful rainstorm in northwest kills 6

Apr 10, 2019

Pakistani official: Powerful rainstorm, heavy winds in country's northwest kill at least 6 people

Heavy rains, flooding in western Afghanistan kill 7 people

Apr 5, 2019

Afghan official: At least 7 people killed amid heavy rains, flooding in country's western Herat province

Iran says US sanctions impede flood rescue operations

Apr 2, 2019

Iran says US sanctions are impeding flood rescue efforts, while US blames disaster on the Iranian government's own 'mismanagement'

Rescuers struggle to reach storm-hit area in Nepal; 28 dead

Apr 1, 2019

Rescuers are struggling to reach villages in southern Nepal that were cut off by a rainstorm that killed at least 28 people and injured hundreds more

Rainstorm hits south Nepal; PM says 25 dead, hundreds hurt

Apr 1, 2019

A rainstorm has swept through villages in a farming region of southern Nepal, and the government says the 25 reported deaths and hundreds of injuries are likely to increase

Afghan official says at least 16 killed in flooding

Mar 29, 2019

Afghan official says at least 16 people killed and nine injured as heavy rains and flooding swept through the country's northern and western provinces over the past two days

Flash floods in southern Iran kill at least 17, injure 74

Mar 25, 2019

Iranian state TV says flash flooding has killed at least 11, injured 15 in south

Sri Lanka imposes daily 4-hour power cuts due to dry weather

Mar 25, 2019

Sri Lanka's state-run power agency says it will cut electricity for four hours on weekdays as dry weather lowers the output of hydropower plants

UN says 122,600 Afghans in need of aid after severe floods

Mar 20, 2019

UN aid agency says recent flooding in Afghanistan has left more than 122,600 people in need of assistance

Heavy rains, floods kill 32 people across Afghanistan

Mar 5, 2019

Norwegian Refugee Council says more than 32 people have died and thousands displaced as heavy rains and flooding swept away homes across Afghanistan

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