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Dunford visits Afghanistan to review US military campaign

Mar 19, 2018

The top U.S. military officer has arrived in Afghanistan to take a closer look at the ongoing campaign to beef up training and advisory teams as the next fighting season looms

Iran sentences Sufi to death over killing of 3 policemen

Mar 19, 2018

Iran sentences to death supporter of a Sufi leader who rammed his bus into a group of policemen last month, killing 3

Afghan officials: Bombs attached to motorbikes kill 4 people

Mar 19, 2018

Afghan officials: Motorcycle bombs kill 4, strike at stadium during ex-warlord's rally in Jalalabad, in Herat

Egypt: 4 troops, 36 Islamic militants killed in Sinai battle

Mar 19, 2018

Egypt's military says 4 troops, 36 Islamic militants killed in days of fighting in restive Sinai Peninsula

Turkey-backed forces capture Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin

Mar 18, 2018

Turkey's president says the Turkish military and allied Syrian forces have taken "total" control of the town center of Afrin, the target of a nearly two-month-old Turkish offensive against a Syrian Kurdish militia, which said fighting was still underway

Egypt censors play 'Before the Revolution,' director appeals

Mar 18, 2018

Egypt's state censors have prohibited the performance of a play on the day of its Cairo premiere, saying it cannot be shown without the removal of five scenes

Iran's foreign minister briefly hospitalized

Mar 18, 2018

Iranian state media says the country's foreign minister has been hospitalized due to severe illness

Iran detains close ally of former president Ahmadinejad

Mar 17, 2018

Report: Iran detains close ally of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Half brother of Yemen's slain ex-president to head forces

Mar 17, 2018

Yemen's president has appointed the half-brother of the country's slain ex-president to head a military force.

Survivors of school shooting take gun control message abroad

Mar 17, 2018

Student survivors of Florida's high school shooting deliver gun control message to an international audience in Dubai

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