Turkey tries to contain crisis but currency keeps falling

Aug 13, 2018

Turkey's Central Bank has announced a series of measures to help banks manage their liquidity, after the country's finance chief said the government had readied an "action plan" to ease market concerns that led to a slump in the value of Turkish currency

The Latest: Germany urges solution on Turkish prisoners

Aug 13, 2018

Germany's foreign minister says it would be in Turkey's own interest to come to an agreement with the United States and others on the release of foreign prisoners.

Death toll from Pakistan coal mine blast climbs to 8

Aug 13, 2018

A Pakistani official says rescuers have recovered four more bodies from a coal mine that caved in after a methane gas explosion, bringing the total death toll to 8.

Gas explosion in Pakistan coal mine kills 4, traps 13

Aug 12, 2018

Police in Pakistan say a methane gas explosion in a coal mine has killed at least four miners and trapped 13 others

Erdogan warns businesses not to withdraw foreign currency

Aug 12, 2018

Turkey's president warns of drastic measures if businesses withdraw foreign currency from banks amid the country's ongoing currency crisis

Pakistan detains 8 Chinese over possession of firearms

Aug 12, 2018

Police in Pakistan say they have detained eight Chinese nationals who tried to enter a power plant with weapons in the eastern Punjab province

Turkey's president: US waging "economic war" against Turkey

Aug 11, 2018

Turkey's president is blaming the country's economic downturn on the United States and other nations that he claims are waging "war" against his country

Iran: China's state-owned energy CNPC takes over French TO

Aug 11, 2018

Iran's official IRNA news agency is reporting that China's state-owned petroleum corporation has taken a majority share of the country's South Pars gas project

The Latest: Turkey: Steel tariffs will hurt US firms too

Aug 10, 2018

Turkey's trade minister says Turkey is "deeply disappointed" by the decision of U.S. President Donald Trump's administration to double steel and aluminum tariffs on imports from Turkey

Turkey shaken by financial fears, Trump rattles it further

Aug 10, 2018

The Turkish currency has plunged to an all-time low as an on-going dispute with the United States showed no sign of subsiding and concerns over the president's policies persisted

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